Teaching our Children to Read is our most important responsibility. Dr Swaby's program "Let's Teach our Children to Read" is designed to:

Bridge the gap between Administrators, Teachers, and Parents with Dr. Barbara Swaby's clear path to literacy instruction.

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For First Time Users:

If you have received login information, your school has subscribed to www.drswaby.com , the online teacher training series entitled "Let's Teach Our Children to Read," which was created by literacy guru Dr. Barbara Swaby. Dr. Swaby created this series is because there is frequently a mismatch between the skills the curriculum designers expect your students to already have and the skills your students actually have. This training series gives many ideas on how teachers can to adjust for that mismatch. Dr. Swaby's explanation of that concept is at http://www.drswaby.com/new/lettersFromDrSwaby/letterToEducators.asp.

The school's subscription provides all staff and parents with access to Dr. Swaby's 10 classes for educators and 1 class for parents. You can view the classes at your leisure because they're here on streaming video. Once you are done with a class, you can take a short multiple-choice test for that class. These tests are how the administration knows which classes you have completed.

The classes focus on literacy, so some teachers think that the instruction does not apply to their subject. There are many universal teaching gems that can be applied to a variety of teaching situations and that have long term benefits for students.

Whenever you have questions, please feel free to email lhughes@drswaby.com.

First steps:
  • Go to www.drswaby.com
  • Find Dr. Swaby's picture (the top one) and click on "Overview." The overview is a 7-minute explanation of what the training is, how it's delivered, and why teachers need it.
  • Click on "Login" at the lower left, and type in the username and password that will be sent to your school email address.
  • Once you've logged in, click on "View Videos," which is toward the left side in the list of choices with the brown background.
  • Choose the class you would like to see. It's best to watch them in order, though not necessary. Also on that page are corresponding PowerPoint presentations with notes and visuals from each class.
  • When you are done with a class, click on "Take Tests" or "Take Assigned Tests," which are below the place where you clicked "View Videos."
  • When the menu of classes and tests appears, click on "take test" for the appropriate class.

Above are the basics, but please also feel free to browse the entire website.