Class outlines for Parents
"Letís Teach Our Children to Read"
Authored by Dr. Barbara Swaby

The class for parents is divided into six modules. There are over 2 1/2 hours of multimedia instruction to give literacy tools to parents. This instruction is supported by a literacy discussion board where parents have the opportunity to ask questions and receive answers from Dr. Barbara Swaby.

Course Title: What is Reading?

42 min - Module 1: Introduction - Discussion of Literacy
35 min - Module 2: Reading TO Children
44 min - Module 3: Reading TO Children
45 min - Module 4: Reading TO and WITH Children
43 min - Module 5: Reading WITH Children
28 min - Module 6: Reading WITH and BY Children

Course Objective(s):

  • To show parents the joy there is in being involved in the literacy growth of their children
  • To help parents see the value in home literacy
  • To help parents gain an understanding of the process of reading in a non-technical and non-threatening manner
  • To provide for parents several strategies that may be used to encourage and support reading in their children
  • To help parents see the natural relationships that exists between school and home

Course Expectation(s): As a result of this information, parents will be able to:

  • Understand the "Reading To" process
  • Understand the "Reading With" process
  • Understand the "Reading By" process
  • Understand the relationships that exist between oral and written language learning
  • Facilitate word analysis learning in their children
  • Facilitate sight word learning in their children
  • Facilitate comprehension development in their children