Frequently Asked Questions About
"Let’s Teach Our Children to Read"
By Dr. Barbara Swaby

How will these courses benefit my district?

The literacy system presents tools for teachers, administrators, and parents to enhance their literacy instruction skills. Specific aspects of literacy development are discussed, and strategies for instruction are presented. Schools licensing the system are able to say they’re doing everything possible to improve literacy at their school. Because the system is web-based, it’s always available, so teachers and parents access it when they want to as often as they want to. The low cost usually translates to pennies per user. It can be used for teacher collaboration because the system includes videos, PowerPoint notes, and discussion questions. The system can teach parents how to use literacy learning tools at home.

How will the courses improve literacy in children?

The classes provide specific information related to literacy. The information focuses on research based best practices in reading instruction. Much of the content is focused on the five critical areas defined in the National Reading Panel 2000 document: Phonemic Awareness, Phonic Instruction, Vocabulary Development, Comprehension and Fluency. Dr. Swaby presents instructional strategies and offers guidelines for creating a literacy rich reading program for all children.

How does this learning system fit with many of the other programs schools may already have in place?

The literacy training system presents literacy tools that can be used to compliment and enhance the reading programs schools are already using. It may be used by individuals, small groups, or teams. It may also be used as large group presentations followed by interactive discussion.

What can teachers learn from the courses?

The topics in the classes include:

  • What is Reading?
  • What is Important in a Reading Program
  • What is Important in a Reading Lesson
  • Oral Reading Instruction
  • Silent Reading Instruction
  • Skill Instruction
  • How to Instruct Vocabulary
  • How to Instruct Word Analysis
  • Facilitating Literal Comprehension
  • Facilitating Non-Literal Comprehension
  • Diagnosis
  • Types of Learners
  • Remediation: Literal Comprehension, Non-Literal Comprehension, Fluency Issues, Print Structure Issues, Concept/Content Issues, Analysis Issues, Oral Reading, Silent Reading

Who can benefit from Dr. Swaby’s literacy system?

We are excited to introduce the literacy system to Education Associations who partner with US elementary schools, US elementary schools, English-speaking areas worldwide, and schools with the lowest literacy rates. Please let us know if you would like to schedule an online Go To Meeting or a personal visit from a member of our team.

How do Dr Swaby’s courses benefit the teachers in middle and high schools?

The course content is focused on helping elementary school students. However, middle and high school teachers who teach low performing students would find the classes helpful.

Are the courses relevant to high risk students?

The courses include numerous suggestions for high risk students.

Besides remedial or high risk students, what other students benefit from these courses?

A course for advanced readers has been suggested. Please let us know if that would be of interest to your school.

Can new classes be added to the program?

Dr. Swaby is anxious to create new classes based on the needs of specific districts.

What is the cost of the literacy training system?

The annual cost to license the system is $1000 per school. Volume discounts and renewal discounts are available. This low cost translates to pennies per user.

Who can I contact if my question is not answered here?

Please email Laurie Hughes at with other questions.