News is a full supporter and endorser of the Dr. Swaby Endowed Professorship Fund. 

Dr. Barbara Swaby is a national advocate for reading and literacy. She has been changing lives one child at a time. For more than 30 years, she has worked with thousands of children through her free reading evaluations and her free reading clinics. Her contributions and accomplishments span the local, state, national, and international levels. Dr. Swaby is the author of several articles, two college textbooks, two teacher workbooks, and a set of whole language readers and children's books. She has helped to develop Functional and Critical Reading and Reading Comprehension Subtests for National Assessment Testing. She serves on numerous committees, including Education Grievance, Seach Committees, and Evaluation and Admissions.

Seeing this, community leaders, friends of the college, faculty, and alumni are spearheading efforts to recognize Dr. Swaby's contributions to the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, the College of Education, the state of Colorado and the Colorado Springs community. They seek to honor her by establishing an endowed professorship in her name. This tribute would not only be an honor for Professor Swaby but also to those who will hold the position and continue the reading clinics in the future. It will allow UCCS to attract the most talented and visionary faculty all while continuing to offer free reading clinics to the children of Colorado Springs.

For more information or to donate to this fund, please call Jamie McMullen Garcia at (719) 255-5105.


*** A video highlighting the accomplishments of Dr. Swaby posted on You Tube.  The video was produced by and is the property of the University of Colorado Colorado Springs.  Please Click Here to see the video.

*** The Gazette does a full page article on the work, accomplishments, and achievements of Dr. Barbara Swaby.  Please Click Here to read the article.

*** Dr. Barbara Swaby honored and celebrated at the 'Legacy of Literacy honoring Dr. Barbara Swaby' at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs.

*** solidifies a strategic alliance with the Urban School Division of the Association of Christian Schools International.  Director Vernard Gant has given his full endorsement on the viability and success factors of the Dr. Swaby teachings in improving literacy among children.

*** launches new brand, website, and technology geared at giving the superior teachings of Dr. Swaby the look and feel it deserves.  In addition, all videos and teachings are now streaming video via the website (subscription required) in order to eliminate the need for schools and teachers to distribute and track physical CDs and DVDs.

*** announces that a percentage of all profits will go towards the Dr. Swaby Endowed Professorship Program spear headed by the University of Colorado in Colorado Springs Foundation.  Please contact Jamie McMullen Garcia at 719-536-4480 if you have been positively affected by Dr. Swaby or would like to participate in helping to fund this program.

*** Dr. Barbara Swaby wins major national education award over The Lion King at awards ceremony in California.

*** Dr. Swaby consults in the creation and development of Word World, a nationally syndicated educational television show on PBS that caters to young children.