Letter To Parents
Authored by Dr. Barbara Swaby

Dear Parents,

Welcome to the Letís Teach Our Children to Read literacy training system. One purpose of this learning system is to provide you with strategies that are necessary to support the reading program within your childís school. It is my goal to provide you with strategies that will ensure your child does not get mixed messages regarding reading.

I have authored one class with six modules to provide you with multimedia instruction that can be viewed at your leisure. This instruction will assist you in developing the necessary strategies that will directly benefit your child. To ensure that you have continuous support, I personally will answer questions from you, the parent, in asynchronous time via the literacy discussion board within the learning system. From these questions and answers, I will create a Knowledge Base to provide you with additional resources to assist you along your journey in teaching your child to read.

Reading is the foundation for all education! It takes more than just our schoolsí involvement to ensure your child is reading at the level necessary to succeed with their education. Yes, it will take an investment of your time to assist our schools in developing your child reading skills, but it will be an investment that will pay off for your child long into the future.

Welcome to your new journey into literacy!

Dr. Barbara Swaby